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Fate of the Republic :: Information about Adarians


An alien race native to the planet Adari, the Adarians are humanoids
with unusual cranial structures. Their skulls are elongated
and tall, and have a large hole which goes completely through
them. They have no ears or noses, and their mouth is ringed
with sharp, bony ridges instead of lips. The Adarians make up
to the lack of ears with a covering of fine hairs along their
skulls that pick up the vibration of sound waves. A series of
glands near the skin's surface allows them to smell. Their throats
can be distended and filled with air, and the resulting "long
call" can be useful as a communication method or a kind of defensive
action. The Adarians have a caste system which dominates their
society, and the have evolved an advanced technology based on
the use of super-cooled carbon-ice computers.

Adarians, like any intelligent race, try to avoid conflict when
possible. Their native language is Adarese.

Favored class: Leader

Poor class(es): Soldier

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