Fate of the Republic: fateoftherepublic.com:8888

(BE: Before Empire ISY: Imperial Standard Year)

3 BE: The Supreme Commander of the CIS is captured by Republic Forces and
held pending trial for War Crimes. Is found mysteriously murdered in his maximum
security cell. Shortly thereafter a new comer assumes the mantle of Supreme Commander
of the Separatist military, binding together all Confederacy of Independent Systems forces.

1 BE: After winning battle after battle and pushing the beleaguered Republic back
to the Core, Supreme Commander Vayick Tor'Soth absorbs all the various factions,
guilds and clans that make up the Separatist movement into a single entity known
as the Sith Empire, crowning himself Emperor.

0 ISY: Supreme Chancellor Palpatine and his personal guard are found dead in the
streets of Coruscant just outside of the gates of the Grand Armies headquarters,
where they had apparently been trying to flee. Palpatine was beheaded and arranged
in what appeared to be a ceremonial position. In the following days, the Clone Army
suddenly and violently turns against the Republic, securing the capital of Coruscant
for the Empire. The former Republic Senators who do not swear fealty to the Emperor
are exiled. Those who resist are executed.

0 ISY to 5 ISY: The Empire, with the combined forces of both the Imperial Clone and
Confederacy Droid armies sweep into the Galaxy from newly established Imperial
Center on Coruscant. Those worlds not already under control of the Empire are brought
into the fold. Some resist, such as Corellia, and are allowed to remain sovereign, though
they face economic sanctions. The Empire cuts planetary taxes that had skyrocketed
during the waning days of the Republic and supplies emergency relief to all worlds
damaged during the War, which includes men and supplies to begin rebuilding. More
than anything, they offer what the galaxy needs most: Security, and through that peace.
Imperial Laws are strict and punishments harsh, but they are fair, and enforced with an
equal hand.

6 ISY: Violent cells begin to pop up throughout the galaxy, fueled by discontent with Imperial
rule. Shortly after the rumors, the Alliance of Free Planets formerly declares their sovereignty
and demands the surrender of the Empire. When the Empire refuses, the Alliance, led by
exiled Senators and Jedi who escaped the Purge declares war on the Empire.

17 ISY: The Alliance still wages constant war on the Empire. The Empire continues to be
magnanimous in it's efforts, though it harshly rebuffs attacks from the ever growing Alliance,
who have established their headquarters on the planet of Mon Calamari. No longer a rag
tag band of freedom fighters, the AOFP now commands a sizable force. Though mostly second
generation by this time, the Alliance remains just as steadfast in their efforts to bring down the

18 ISY to 19 ISY: Over a six month span the Alliance suffers crippling internal conflict. Presidents
come and go, weakening the internal structure. Near the end of 19 ISY Jedi Master Xavian
Val'kyr finally re-unites the Alliance behind him. Though valiant in his efforts, the Alliance
has been severely weakened and rebuilding is slow.

20 ISY:
--The Beginning of the end--
Blaming the death of the Alliance High Ambassador Kraniis Dars on one Tasian Lorecheck,
the Alliance of Free Planets declares war on the Goltaga Syndicate, the main representative
faction for the Hutts. The already crippled Alliance begins to fail as it faces constant attack on
two fronts, with the Goltaga Syndicate seizing control of many of the star systems loyal to the
Alliance, offering protection that Alliance no longer could. Tasian Lorecheck, Underboss for
the Hutt Grand Council and leader of the Goltaga Syndicate places large bounties on Alliance
offers, offering a staggering 15,000,000 credits for the had of the Alliance President, Xavian

--Acts of Aggression--
In the months that follow, President Val'kyr is captured by a Rodian Bounty Hunter by the name
of Jantok Rel. Instead of transporting Val'kyr to Nal Hutta, for the Syndicate bounty, he instead
takes him to Coruscant, to collect on the one offered by the Empire. While in custody on Coruscant
Val'lyr escapes, cutting down a fledgeling Sith Apprentice. The Emperor, having taken a 'the devil
you know' attitude towards the Alliance previously is enraged by news that his Apprentice has been
cut down, and makes the decision to finally crush the Alliance.

--The fall of the Alliance--
With the aid of the Syndicate the Empire smashes the fleet around the Alliance homeworld of Mon
Calamari and lays siege to the planet. Under the onslaught the Alliance unanimously surrenders,
with the upper echelons attempting to flee the planet. Intent on destroying the Republic once and for
all, Alliance officers are shown no quarter and hunted down, where they are summarily executed for
treason. Enlisted personnel are allowed to swear fealty to the Empire and heavily fined for their actions against the Empire. For their aid during the siege of Mon Calamari, the Syndicate are ceded the planets of Tatooine and Ord Mantell.

21 ISY: While destroying the Alliance had the effect of splintering the primary government
body, a dozen more sprang up to take it's place when fleeing members attempted to seize
control and re-unite the fallen resistance. The Empire spends the year diligently hunting down
the various cells and executing their leaders. Now completely shattered, the galaxy is at peace.

22 ISY: Beginning early in the year a force of invaders begins to quietly take systems on the outer
rim of the galaxy, establishing a foothold. It isn't until the invaders take the outlying planet of
Tatooine that the galaxy at wide begins to take notice. The Syndicate, enforcers for the Hutts send
half their fleet to recapture Tatooine. The mighty armada is smashed, and the invaders quickly and
decisively strike back, following fleeing Syndicate ships through hyperspace to Nal Hutta, where
they quickly and with seeming ease decimate the remaining Hutt fleet. With these invaders now in
the spotlight, the Empire discloses some information. What they are, who they are, where they come
from. While these Yuuzhan Vong invaders continue to wipe out every thing in their path the Empire
is hard pressed. Unable to decisively hit back, they fight skirmishes with the Vong, falling back
when necessary. Corellia is currently the only world able to stand against them, though Corellian
Security forces are slowly being overrun by the constant onslaught, even with aid from the Empire.

23 ISY: The war has raged out of control over the entire galaxy. Though the Empire continues to rebuff the Vong attacks into the Core star systems their outer-rim outposts are soon overwhelmed. With the loss of Imperial hero, Commander Nanna Comitze and her battlegroup, all Imperial forces are withdrawn from the outer rim worlds, turning the Core into a fortress. Hapes, the high seat of the Queen Mother, having never ceded to Imperial control and thus recieving no Imperial military support soon falls, where it becomes a Yuuzhan Vong controlled strong hold, left mostly intact and unshaped, for use by the Yuuzhan Vongs human allies. Corellia is also under near constant attack, and though CorSec manages to push off many such incursions, they lose ships and men faster then they can be replaced.

24 ISY: In less than six months, Corellia falls to the Yuuzhan Vong invaders. It's in this hour that the Empire steps in. The Imperial Battlegroup Dark Hand, led by Commodore Soral Kairn arrives as the last of the CorSec resistence is being overrun. Taken by surprise, the battlegroup manages to destroy two Worldships before the others retreat. Imperial Special Forces are then dispatched to the planet below, bolstering the resistence and bringing much needed relief. The Vong ground troops left planetside are quickly themselves overwhelmed and killed. Once Imperial forces have finished the invaders, key points on the planet are secured, and Corellia declares for the Emperor, ceding control of their sector to the Empire. Shortly after, the Empire announces the death of the Emperor, due to complications with age. His Apprentice and Hand steps in to govern the Empire until his son can be recalled from the front. A decorated war hero of the Yuuzhan Vong war, Soral Tor'Soth assume the mantle of Emperor shortly there-after, though it is to an Empire that seems to be falling apart at the seams, as the vicious Vong redouble their efforts as they obtain a true foothold in the galaxy. The Empires forces are quickly taxed to the point of breaking, and only the massive ship production facilities on Corellia allow them to keep the Core secure under constant assault. It is almost a year after the death of the Emperor Tor'Soth that the Empire manages their master stroke. Rallying what forces they have left at their command, the Empire lures the Yuuzhan Vong into a funnel. Several dozen Core systems are evacuated and abandoned. The Yuuzhan Vong Supreme Commander takes his own massive battle fleet into these sectors to secure them one after another. The deep Core world of Khomm seemed like any of the others that had fallen in the previous days, abandoned by an overwhelmed and retreating Empire. However, as the Yuuzhan Vong moved in to capture the system, the Empire would strike from the nearby Imperial stronghold of Byss. The power of the Empire and it's new Super-class Destroyers overwhelmed the Vong Surpeme Commanders own fleet, and though Khomm was destroyed in the process, so was the mightiest Vong fleet to cross the Void, as well as their Supreme Commander. With their victory still wet on their tongues, the Empire would quickly sweep over the systems they had just abandoned, destroying the paltry sentries left by an over-confident Supreme Commander. With the Core once more secure and the Yuuzhan Vong invaders in sudden disarray, the Empire use their new, massive battlefleet to destroy the Vong where they find them.

25 ISY: Over the next year, the Empire begins a systematic extermination of the Yuuzhan Vong and their allies. The Peace Brigade, Vong callaborators, are rounded up, often tried and found guilty of high treason on whatever planet they were caught on by Duty Officers. They are summarily executed by the thousands. The Vong themselves aren't given such leniency. Official Imperial news reports simply refer to the efforts as 'extermination', and not many in the galaxy disagree. Those that do often keep their mouths shut, or find themselves thrown in with the Peace Brigade.

26 ISY: Just before the final assault on the last Yuuzhan Vong stronghold is to occur, the leadership of the Empire once more changes hands, this time back to the father, Vayick Tor'Soth. Proclaiming that his death was nothing but a ploy to lure the Vong into a false sense of security, he returns to the throne. Aboard his flagship the Valorous, he leads the attack against Tatooine himself. The severely weakened Vong are no match for the Imperial Battlefleet, and are crushed. The Emperor then returns to Coruscant. While the Empire moved to hold all the holds it recaptured from the Vong while there was still a Vong presence in the galaxy, the death of the last invaders spurs them to action. Those worlds that capitulated to the Vong during the war are abandoned completely, the Empire stirpping them bare of resources and technology, to better rebuild those worlds that remained loyal to the Empire. Entire star systems are essentially exiled. That is the official story, at least. Others, more cynical, believe that the Empire sports ulterior motives. Some believe that the Empire, severely weakened by the war with the Yuuzhan Vong, can no longer afford to support and protect so many systems as it once did. Several key worlds seem to take this to heart, and cede from the Empire of their own will. Mon Calamari, Naboo and Bothawui are among the first and most influential of these, though dozens more follow. It is not long before a man named Terpin Forger, a veteren of the Naboo resistence against the Vong arranges a defensive pact, and begins to call themselves the Republic of Unified Systems, the planet of Naboo as their high seat of government. Forger is unamiiously elected as President. This new Republic quickly scoops up those worlds abandoned by the Empire, welcoming them with open arms, and more, monetary and military support. It remains unclear what the Empire plans to do about this new governerning body, if anything.