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Fate of the Republic :: Information about Devaronians


These aliens are one of the most unique races in the galaxy,
as their male and female sexes are so vastly different in appearance
and temperament. The males are docile, non-aggresive creatures
with smooth, hairless skin and short horns on their heads. They
takes great pride in their horns, and groom them quite regularly.
The females, on the other hand, are covered in calico fur and
do not have horns. They are aggressive by nature, and tend to
dominate their culture.

They hail from the planet Devaron, a mountainous planet full of rivers.
In general Devaronians are not very smart at all, and it can
be assumed that any given Devaronian, especially male, has done
something illegal in their lifetime.

Favored class: Pilot

Poor class(es): Engineer, leader

FoTR Race Database: Devaronian