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A species of sentient life that has developed in the gases of
the planet Gand. Two distinct subspecies of Gand are known to
exist. One subspecies evolved without lungs, while the other
retained their lungs. Those Gand with lungs were able to survive
in the various gases of their homeworld, but required special
breathing apparatus in order to survive in oxygen-based atmospheres.
The lungs of the Gand are quite efficient, able to utilize nearly
85 percent of the atmosphere they breathe in with each breath.

The Gands without lungs make their own gasses to breath, and thus
did not need oxygen to survive.

Gands place a lot of honor in everything they do. Gands who have not
done anything considerable refer to themselves by their last name.
Those who manage a considerable achievement can refer to themselves
by their first name. It takes a ritual on their home planet and
having done something amazing to call themselves "I." Gand who have
dishonored themselves go as far as to refer to themselves just as

A few Gands decide to take the role of Gand Findsmen, learning to
understand the movement of gasses to find criminals. A few of the
Findsmen leave Gand to become Bounty Hunters, using the same
amazing skills they used on their home planet.

Favored class: Soldier

Poor class(es): Agent

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