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Fate of the Republic :: Information about Hutts
An obese race, the Hutts are known for almost always being crimelords.
They live on their adopted homeworld of Nal Hutta, also taking
residence in the orbitting Nar Shadda, and desert Tatooine,
having completely strip-mined their original home. Due to their
great size, they lack much dexterity, however such size does
lend itself to some added protection. In addition, many have
keen minds and a good deal of common sense, probably due to
the fact that they are constantly trying to kill one another.
Centering their entire lives around the gain of power and wealth,
there is little art of any type, associated with them. Some
do, however, keep collections for mere boasting value.

Hutts are Gastropodic creatures, shaped much like slugs, and
having large eyes. Their skin tends to be orange or green. They
do actually have surprisingly fast movement and their fatty acids
contain muscle tissue meaning they actually are an extremely strong
race. The thinner ones were considered weak and unimportant.

Favored Class: Leader
Poor Classes Engineer Pilot
FoTR Race Database: Hutt