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Fate of the Republic :: Information about Kel-dors


Kel-Dor are a tall, muscular being, native to Dorin. They normally
wear breathing masks to protect them from oxygen-rich environments.
Their skin ranges from peach to crimson, and their eyes, thoughvery
rarely silver, are normally black. They are essentially blind
when away from Dorin, and also must shout to produce any sound.
Their faces are very strangely shaped, very wrinkly, looking almost
as if their veins were on the outside. They also have extra-sensory
organs on the sides of their heads resembling very large ears that they
can fold back.

Kel-Dor are very biased when it comes to most issues, but they are still
quite hospitable in general. Most of them will help even a stranger whenever

Favored class: Soldier
Poor class(es): Agent

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