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Fate of the Republic :: Information about Mon-calamaris


A bipedal, amphibious race, the Mon Calamari share the same
homeworld as the Quarren. Many xenobiologists believe the Mon
Calamari are descended from squid, but evolved a more humanoid
appearance than the Quarren. The males have salmon-colored skin,
lobed heads, and protruding eyes. The females are more streamlined,
with olive-colored markings on their salmon skin. The Mon Cal,
as they are often called, are shore-dwellers, land creatures
who prefer to to live near the water. Early Mon Cal civlizations
fed on the creatures they found in the shallows, and developed
an advanced aquaculture system.

Mon Calamari are peaceful by nature, and though they have the
technology to win wars, they tend to avoid them.

Mon Calamari are favored for the classes engineer and pilot but
not the classes soldier or agent.

Favored class(es): Engineer, pilot
Poor class(es): Soldier, agent

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