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Quarren the name for the aliens who are commonly called Squid
Heads by the galaxy's general populace. These amphibious beings
share the world of Calamari with the Mon Calamari race, though
the Quarren prefer the depths of the floating cities to the
upper reaches the Mon Cals call home. The Quarren are more practical
and conservative than their idealistic world-mates. Whereas
the Mon Calamari have adopted the Basic as their language of
choice, the Quarren have kept their oceanic tounge. The Quarren
are sea dwellers, able to live out of the water, but preferring
the security of the ocean depths, These pragmatic people are
unwilling to trust new ideas. They do not dream of brighter
tomorrows like the Mon Cals, but instead hold fast to the reality
of yesterdays. While they profess that the two races should
remain in the sea, they have followed the Mon Cals into their
floating cities and out among the stars. They have become dependant
on the Calamarians, and this dependancy has led to resentment
and outright hatred. Quarren can often be found working with
pirates, slavers, crime lords, smugglers, and other unsavory

Favored class: Soldier
Poor class(es): Agent

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