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Fate of the Republic :: Information about Rodians


Rodians are among the Galaxy's best bounty hunters. The history
of Rodia is peppered with wars and fueds, many of which are
long and bloody. Trained to fight from birth, they are amazingly
agile and intelligent. Though they almost never go into the
scientific fields, their hand-to-hand combat tactics are some
of the best in the Galaxy. For a long time before external contact
was made, the Rodian people fought and killed their own people.
When outside contact was established, they quickly spread far
and wide, seeking work as mercenaries, combat teachers, assassins,
body guards, and especially bounty hunters. Some Rodians have
gone into such fields as artists and even politicians, but they
see great honor in bounty hunting. Rodian culture as a whole
is divided into different families. Even now, families sometimes
wage long wars against each other, rather than moving against
the outside war.

Rodian's skin tends to be green, though different shades of green
are common. Their ears are podlike, and their fingers end in suction
cups. Their eyes are very large and black, and their face is defined
by the long nose-like bridge that leads all the way down to open as a
mouth. They release pheramones which smell somewhat foul to most races,
including humans.

Favored class: Soldier
Poor class(es): Leader

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