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Fate of the Republic :: Information about Selkaths


The Selkath are amphibious humanoids with sleek, hydrodynamic
bodies and a throaty, guttural language. They are at home in
the depths of the sea, but can just as easily survive on the
surface thanks to concealed gill slits that draw oxygen from
either water or air. Their long hands are tipped in poisonous
claws, but in the same way the Wookiees of Kashyyyk refrain
from using their retractable claws, Selkath consider their poison
to be socially unacceptable to use in a fight. Only a maddened
or enraged Selkath might consider such a thing, even if enslaved
by a brutish thug or provoked by a foolish tourist. The natives
are neither as primitive nor as stupid as the owners of Ahto
Luxury Resorts would have visitors believe.

The Selkath's homeworld is Manaan, an extremely oceanic planet,
covered almost completely by water.

Favored Class: Leader
Poor Class: Agent

FoTR Race Database: Selkath