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Fate of the Republic :: Information about Sullustans


This race of small, mouse-like humanoids are distinguished by
their huge black eyes, loose jowls, and pointed ears. They salivate
quite often, and live underground to avoid Sullust's inhospitable
atmosphere. Their ingenuity and adaptability has allowed them
to created huge underground cities, and their technology has
grown at an incredibly fast rate. They have an intense sense
of direction, having lived in caves all their lives, and have
the uncanny ability to remember a path or map exactly, even
after the first time they see it. Thus, many of the Sullustans
have become pilots and navigators. Many Sullustans, after the
age of 30 standard years, begin to experience corneal defects,
and must be fitted with special visors.

Favored class(es): Engineer, pilot
Poor class(es): Soldier, agent

Rebstar Race Database: Sullustan