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Fate of the Republic :: Information about Trandoshans


These humanoid reptiles are native to the planet Trandosha. They
have long arms, which end in wide, splayed fingers. Their heads
are blunt, with beady red eyes and a mouth full of sharp teeth.
Their scales range in color from orange to ochre to brown. Much
of their body can be regenerated if lost, so a Trandoshan can
fight much harder without risk of permanent injury. Being a
vicious, warlike race, the Trandoshans evolved into hunters,
and were especially proficient at hunting Wookiees, which inhabited
the nearby planet of Kashyyyk. It was a Trandoshan official
who sold the idea of enslaving Wookiees rather than simply leveling
Kashyyyk to the Empire.

Trandoshan tend to act very aggressive due to their belief in
a Goddess they call the "Scorekeeper." They earn Jagannath Points
through such achievements as taking a rare Wookiee pelt. It is
essentially that the number of points one has accumulated directly
defines the importance of their life. If a Trandoshan is shamed
during a hunt they lose all of these points.

Favored class(es): Soldier, pilot
Poor class(es): Leader, engineer

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