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Verpine were thin bipedal insectoids, standing 1.9 meters tall
on average. Unlike many insectoids, they had only four limbs
(two arms and two legs.) Their heads were dominated by large,
black, compound eyes. They also had two antennae, one located
behind each eye. Their hardened carapace, composed of a green
chitinous substance called carahide, was as flexible as the
skin of other creatures, yet tough enough to deflect a blade
or even absorb a glancing blaster bolt. The Verpine circulatory
system did not contain a heart at least, not an organ which
Human physiologists would identify as a heart Verpine came in
two typesintelligent, hermaphroditic Verpine and unintelligent
worker drones. At the time of their entrance into Galactic society,
only five percent of Verpine were intelligent, but the demands
of technological civilization required the Verpine to restructure
their society. After the change, egg-laying Verpine used a special
enzyme to ensure all eggs laid developed into intelligent Verpine.
Any drones needed by a Verpine hive were produced via cloning.

Favored class(es): VERY favored Engineer
Poor class(es): None

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