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Wookiees, the native species of Kashyyyk, are well suited to be soldiers
though their code of honor forbids the use of energy weapons
in all but the most extreme cases. Once befriended, a Wookiee
will stay loyal for his or her entire life, which can be as
long as three hundred years. Wookiees are among the galaxy's
greatest warriors. They are not, however, merely large stupid
beasts. While the inability to speak basic often portrays them
as such, many are accomplished mechanics, engineers, and scientists.

Wookiees are very tall, furred, bipedal creatures. They have
retractable claws that they are bound by honor not to use,
and can be white, black, or brown coated.

Wookiees are quite benevolent normally, except if someone has done
something to wrong them. If someone saves their life they have
a tradition of a "life-dept" meaning they must devote their
life to aiding the person who saved them.

Favored Class: Engineer
Poor Class: Agent

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